February Specials

Turn the heat up for Valentine’s day

There’s a Brazilian reasons to get waxed


Full leg
$50 $10 savings
$35 $10 savings
$55 $10 savings

Get your glow on

Ultimate facial with an eye and lip makeup application

$175 $50 savings

Infrared/LED combo

for face with a lip treatment

$100 $75 savings

Turn up the heat and lose the inches

PEMF bed

60 minutes
$125 $50 savings

Full set of Flirty Lashes

Full set of extreme lashes

$225 $25 savings

Roses for you

Rose aromatherapy manicure / Rose Spa pedicure

$60 $31 savings

Sometimes all you in is a little poke


Acupuncture Facelift initial
$160 $40 savings
Acupuncture initial
$100 $25 savings

Beat the Winter Blues

Solution services to brighten your mood!

Feeling stressed, seasonally depressed, sunshine deprived? LED Light therapy can help!

PEMF Treatments


  • Heals the body at a cellular level by increasing blood flow to improve chronic muscle pain, inflammation, and decrease stress.
  • Helps treat seasonal depression as well as balancing your inner chi and chakras to decrease stress.
  • PEMF also helps stimulate collagen and tightens the skin. Can burn up to 800 calories per session.

20 minute treatment

LED Treatments


  • Anti-aging, stimulates collagen, calms skin, helps decrease pigmentation, minimize acne and aids in decreasing seasonal depression

20 minute treatment

$99.00 for both treatments together $76.00 savings

Antioxidant Facial

with a white charcoal mask and lymphatic drainage massage

The lymphatic system moves fluid between the tissues & blood stream & protects the body from infection & disease through the immune response system. Powerful skin tightening benefits, stimulates collagen and improves seasonal
60 minutes $150.00 $100.00 savings

Detoxifying lymphatic facial massage

30 minutes $75.00 $50.00 savings

Boost Your Immunity

INITIAL Acupuncture treatment

90 minutes $75.00 $50.00 savings

Prices valid through February 29, 2020