Personalized Corrective Eyebrow Shaping

Some Thoughts from Cheryl Renella of Channing’s Studio & Spa

Did you know that your eyebrows shouldn’t be more than one inch apart? Well, if you didn’t, you probably have never met Cheryl Renella.

Cheryl Renella is the owner and founder of Channing’s Studio & Spa in Chicago and her Personal Corrective Eyebrow Shaping is the most popular item on the spa’s menu. The waiting list is long…but it’s worth the wait.

According to Cheryl, regardless of what the current fashion is, you need to shape your brows to compliment your features.

They shouldn’t overpower your face, but rather compliment your style. “The best accessory for any season is your brows,” says Renella, “They say a lot about you and how you want to be perceived.”

Cheryl believes that brows should never be waxed. Specified “no pluck zones” are crucial for the perfect set of eyebrows. Also, in order to shape eyebrows properly, Cheryl asks clients to lie down so she can properly assess the slope and bone structure of the face. Brows are then shaped accordingly, with an emphasis on the bone structure of the brow, also known as the orbital bone. On the first visit each client can purchase a tweezer, a brush-on brow powder and a clear mascara to maintain the shape between appointments. The next appointment is scheduled in four to eight weeks depending on hair growth rate. If time between appointments exceeds 4 months another initial appointment must be booked as more time is needed.

For more information about Personalized Corrective Eyebrow Shaping, or any of the services and products available at Channing’s Studio & Spa, call 312-280-1994.

  • Corrective Eyebrow Shaping by Cheryl
    A tweeze-only shaping to correct uneven, misshaped, thinning brows

    Initial — First appointment, 30 minutes, includes before/after photos, guidelines and instruction on pluck and no pluck zones …$112.00
    Maintenance — 15 minutes to shape regrowth. …$82.00

  • Corrective Eyebrow Tinting by Cheryl
    The correct custom blend of colors to perfectly compliment your hair & completion.
  • Eyelash Tinting by Cheryl
  • Brow Shaping with Brittany or Amy
    A tweeze-only shaping to correct uneven, misshapen, thinning brows. Includes consult.

    Eyebrow Shaping…$77.00
    Eyelash Tinting…$72.00

  • Brow Lamination
    A service that tames unruly brows, increases brow volume & fullness for a perfectly groomed brow. Treatment lasts between 2-3 months, depending on hair type.

    Brow Lamination…$102.00

Statement Brows

Not all laminations look alike.
This design is a classic lami – tames cowlicks and curly brows

Brow Lamination is a service that tames unruly brows, increases brow volume & fullness for a perfectly groomed brow. Treatment lasts between 2-3 months, depending on hair type.

Aftercare Instructions
For the first 48 hours after the service, you must keep your brows totally dry. If you get your brows wet after the procedure, they will not have enough time to set and the style won’t stay as long.

Don’t wear makeup on the brows for 48 hours after your service.

Avoid using exfoliating products or retinoids around your brows for at least three days following your service.

It’s recommended to use Revitabrow’s Conditioning Masque treatment about one week after your service to hydrate your chemically treated brows and bring softness back to the hairs.

“For over 30 years, Cheryl Renella at Channing’s Studio & Spa has tweezed brows (she never uses hot wax or threading) to perfection. She’s in demand with local celebrities like Desirée Rogers. because, if your brows look good, you look good.”

Best Face-Slimming Brows
Channing’s Studio and Spa
Price: $100; subsequent visits, $75

“With 30-plus years of experience, Renella can transform even the most botched brows. TIP: Renella recently added a fill-in tutorial to her service menu, which involves instruction on how to use brow-building fibers to fill in holes or patchiness.”

“Owner Cheryl Renella has major red-carpet cred, having groomed the brows of stars like Angelina Jolie and Jeremy Piven. At her small and inviting spa, Renella not only makes over neglected sets (as was the case for our tester) but also doles out helpful tips for managing arches on your own. After cleaning up our tester’s mismatched pair and filling out her “too thin” ends, Renella pointed out the “pluck and no-pluck” zones (tweeze just above eyelids, not above arches) for the thickest-looking results.”

“To avoid damage to the hair follicle, opt for tweezing, says Cheryl Renella, brow guru and founder of Channing’s Studio & Spa in Chicago. Tweezing lets you be more precise and doesn’t have as lasting effects should you find your brow a bit thinner than desired.”

We tapped four industry experts to take a deep dive into brow-enhancing and give us the pros and cons of each method.

Tinting. Cheryl Renella of Channing’s Studio & Spa told us it’s important to keep in mind that tinting will not necessarily solve all your brow woes. “[Some people] will still need to style and fill them in, depending on your brow’s shape [and thickness],” she warns.

Extensions. The main advantage of eyebrow extensions is that when done correctly, they appear completely natural, Renella told us, which makes them a wonderful option for cancer patients who have lost their hair or people with alopecia. “They’re attached directly…strand by strand, to create a full, lush line,” she explains.

. “This method not only enhances the shape of the eyebrow, but also the color and thickness — pencils are great for filling in patches and holes!” says Renella. There are also a rainbow of shades and formulations on the market at different price points. Plus, since using a pencil is second-nature to all of us by now, it takes the guesswork out of the application process.

Pomade. “Using a pomade-like product over other methods gives the user the ability to create sculpted eyebrows within minutes,” Renella explains. “You can alter the brow shape and the size.” Pomades are also often sweat- and/or water-resistant, which makes them more long-lasting and ideal for the humid months. “Pomades are also on the lower end of the price spectrum, and they’re great at covering bald spots and creating a full, natural shape,” Renella raves. Anastasia’s DipBrow Pomade and Nyx’s Tame & Frame Brow Pomade are both stellar options.

The only caveat? “If not applied correctly, pomades can look harsh,” says Renella. To avoid any noticeable lines or the look of heavily packed-on product, keep a light hand when applying and use a spoolie brush to blend everything to a natural finish.

“Only one woman in town can say she’s gotten Angelina Jolie, Julia Roberts, and Teri Hatcher on their backs: Cheryl Renella, Channing’s owner. She’ll study your bone structure before tweezing (not waxing!) a perfect arch. It’s $100 for the first shaping and $75 for maintenance. Not willing to wait for an appointment with the brow master herself? A “first-tier specialist” can do the job right away for $50.”

“Cheryl Renella. This 30-plus year veteran is a brow wizard.”

Cheryl Renella
Masterful waxing with minimal redness.

“With an impressive list of celebrity clients, Cheryl Renella is Chicago’s eyebrow queen. She doesn’t believe in waxing but does believe in ‘no pluck zones’. At Channing’s, clients actually lie down so they can pay special attention to your unique shape and bone structure — and give you the most complimentary eyebrow shape every time.”

Cheryl Renella: Her brow shaping is the next best thing to an eye-lift.

Personalized Corrective Eyebrow Shaping

Representative Celebrity Client List
  • Whitney Houston
  • Angelina Jolie
  • Julia Roberts
  • Teri Hatcher

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Growing out thin eyebrows time progression…so worth the wait!

Brow Lamination Time Progression