Personalized Corrective Eyebrow Shaping

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Channing’s Studio and Spa
Price: $100; subsequent visits, $75

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2015 InStyle Beauty Black Book Pick
instyle“Owner Cheryl Renella has major red-carpet cred, having groomed the brows of stars like Angelina Jolie and Jeremy Piven. At her small and inviting spa, Renella not only makes over neglected sets (as was the case for our tester) but also doles out helpful tips for managing arches on your own. After cleaning up our tester’s mismatched pair and filling out her “too thin” ends, Renella pointed out the “pluck and no-pluck” zones (tweeze just above eyelids, not above arches) for the thickest-looking results.”
mimiA Beginner’s Guide to Growing Out Your Brows
Cheryl talks to “To avoid damage to the hair follicle, opt for tweezing, says Cheryl Renella, brow guru and founder of Channing’s Studio & Spa in Chicago. Tweezing lets you be more precise and doesn’t have as lasting effects should you find your brow a bit thinner than desired.”
best-iconBest of Chicago 2015: Best Eyebrow Shaping by Chicago Magazine!
Best Face-Slimming Brows
Named The Best of Beauty Chicago by Allure in 2015!
“Cheryl Renella. This 30-plus year veteran is a brow wizard.”
Named The Best of the Best for Chicago by Allure in 2013!
· Named Chicago’s Best Eyebrow Services by PrettyQuick
“With an impressive list of celebrity clients, Cheryl Renella is Chicago’s eyebrow queen. She doesn’t believe in waxing but does believe in ‘no pluck zones’. At Channing’s, clients actually lie down so they can pay special attention to your unique shape and bone structure — and give you the most complimentary eyebrow shape every time.”
· Named to the Best of Beauty Directory for Eyebrows by Allure October 2011

Some Thoughts from Cheryl Renella of Channing’s Studio & Spa
Did you know that your eyebrows shouldn’t be more than one inch apart? Well, if you didn’t, you probably have never met Cheryl Renella.
Cheryl Renella is the owner and founder of Channing’s Studio & Spa in Chicago and her Personal Corrective Eyebrow Shaping is the most popular item on the spa’s menu. The waiting list is long…but it’s worth the wait.
According to Ms. Renella, regardless of what the current fashion is, you need to shape your brows to compliment your features.
They shouldn’t overpower your face, but rather compliment your style. "The best accessory for any season is your brows,"
says Renella, "They say a lot about you and how you want to be perceived."

Personalized Corrective
Eyebrow Shaping
Representative Celebrity Client List
  • Whitney Houston
  • Angelina Jolie
  • Julia Roberts
  • Terry Hatcher
  • Ms. Renella believes that brows should never be waxed. Specified "no pluck zones" are crucial for the perfect set of eyebrows. Also, in order to shape eyebrows properly, Ms. Renella asks clients to lie down so she can properly assess the slope and bone structure of the face. Brows are then shaped accordingly, with an emphasis on the bone structure of the brow, also known as the orbital bone. On the first visit each client can purchase a tweezer, a brush-on brow powder and a clear mascara to maintain the shape between appointments. The next appointment is scheduled in three to four weeks.
    For more information about Personalized Corrective Eyebrow Shaping, or any of the services and products available at Channing’s Studio & Spa, call 312-280-1994.